International Mobility

International International Mobility

Information concerning the courses is available at the following link:

To find the exams you are interested in, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Menu” (the link is on the right) to select the language (Italian or English)
  2. Select the name of the Department (Menu: “All faculties”): Department of Scienze Aziendali - Management & Innovation Systems
  3. Click on the course you are interested in:
  • Business Management (LT: Economia & Management)
  • Business Management & Consulting (LM: Consulenza e Management aziendale)
  • Business Innovation & Informatics (LM)
  1. Click on “Search” (the link is on the left)

After these steps, you enter the list of all the teaching activities of the selected bachelor degree (LT) or master degree (LM). Click on the name of the exam to find all the information (name of the professor, semester, objectives, contents, teaching methods, verification of learning, texts).