The Department of Management & Innovation Systems (DISA-MIS) aims at preparing young people to enter and excel in the job market by addressing the global challenge of emerging professionalism situated at the confluence of the best that the scientific disciplines practiced in the department can offer.
DISA-MIS proposes to conduct research of an explanatory, teleological, and normative nature on the life of companies and the applications of information technology to multiple fields of economic and social life through its multiple research programs in the business and computer science fields. With its articulated training offer, it is proposed to transfer knowledge and skills in all areas of business life, with particular reference to management, control systems, communication, data management, and information security.
The complexities of the national and international political, social, and economic contexts necessitate multidisciplinary analysis and skills that can be applied to corporate functions, management systems, governance, and strategic and operational levels. In this scenario, DISA-MIS encourages the cross-fertilization of knowledge and languages from various scientific fields, thereby feeding a learning community dedicated to the creation and dissemination of a new "corporate knowledge" focused on issues such as economic, social, and competitive success, as well as innovation, sustainable development, and human resource enhancement.
The virtuous interweaving of knowledge, as well as collaboration between the worlds of business, professions, institutions, research centers, and universities, appear to be critical elements in implementing open innovation actions and training young people who are culturally sound while also being creative and adaptable to changing market needs.