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The SMARTLab laboratory aims to promote and carry out research on the following topics: Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Cyber-Physical Systems, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Energy Management, Safety, Security and Data Privacy in Smart Cities.

The SMARTLab laboratory supports students in learning innovative methods for the management and planning of smart cities and smart grids also considering aspects related to the integration and security problems of Cyber-Physical Systems consisting of electricity and IT infrastructures that are closely interconnected between them.

The main research areas of the laboratory are related to the multidisciplinary themes that characterize smart cities.

Below are some examples of topics that can be developed at different levels of analysis (individual, organizational, inter-organizational) and which require fertilization between different research areas:

  • Planning and management of smart grids and microgrids.
  • Industrial informatics for smart cities.
  • Power electronics and smart grids.
  • Innovative control systems and artificial intelligence.
  • Generation systems from renewable sources.
  • Energy management systems.
  • Local energy markets and microgrids.
  • Smart house, smart buildings and building automation.
  • Cloud computing, Internet of Things and cybersecurity.
  • Blockchain technology and IoT.
  • Cyber-Physical systems.
  • Big data.
  • Safety, security and data privacy.
  • Artificial intelligence, fuzzy systems, neural networks.


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