Sustainability Management e Green Finance

Teaching Sustainability Management e Green Finance

Sustainability Management e Green Finance

First Edition- A.A. 2020-2021

The one-year postgraduate course in Sustainability Management and Green Finance is aimed at training highly qualified and specialized professionals. The main training objective of this course is to provide the participants with theoretical and operational tools aimed at a proactive approach to sustainability.
Therefore, managerial, financial, legal and IT aspects aimed at supporting the implementation of business management models oriented towards sustainable innovation will be addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The specific course objectives are:
1. The training of professionals who work in the world of private companies, public organizations, and consultancy (chartered accountants, lawyers, labor consultants) in the field of corporate sustainability management based on investments that have positive impacts on the environment and contribute to enhancing sustainable development goals. This is due to the increasingly evident needs identified in the business, managerial and political world in order to proactively and resiliently address the climate-change alarm that is rapidly transforming collective values, investor choices, and the financing logic of financial and insurance intermediaries as well as regulatory approaches.
2. Provide not only the knowledge and skills in management-oriented towards innovation with a view to sustainability but also appropriate risk management techniques and tools. This needs to be done to feed that virtuous process of sustainable innovation, namely, an innovation that at the macro level is consistent with the Agenda 2030 and the related SDGS, and, at the micro-level with a corporate responsibility in which the economic, social, environmental and governance dimensions are fully integrated.


The training project is aimed at all those who intend to update themselves on a current and complex issue such as that of sustainable development and in which sustainability requires to be interpreted as a competitive factor and strategic lever to create or innovate business models, processes, and business practices also thanks to the advanced use of technologies, in particular digital. Recipients, therefore, will be professionals who operate in the world of private companies, public organizations, and consultancy (Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Labor Consultants).
The course is also suitable for young graduates in juridical-economic disciplines who intend to approach the theme of Sustainability and Sustainable Development.


The course is aimed at subjects in possession of a four-year degree, specialist/master's degree in economics or law, or an equivalent.
Italian and foreign citizens who, at the expiry of the deadline for submitting the application form, are also in possession of at least a first-level degree (three-year) or any other equivalent recognized qualification, can participate in the competition at the discretion of the Judging Commission, and for the sole purpose of admission to the Course.


The course registration fee (including stamp duty) is set at € 516.00 (five hundred sixteen / 00).
There are n. 40 scholarships for the partial coverage of fees, amounting to € 250.00, which are part of the Course on an institutional basis, and which will be financed by the Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Scafati e Cetara (Cooperative Credit Bank of Scafati and Cetara). by Galdieri Petroli Spa, and by AGV s.r.l. Professionals and Partners.
The reimbursement of scholarships is subject to the attendance of the course (80% of the lessons) and the passing of the final exam.


The Management of the Course is entrusted to prof. Maria V. CIASULLO, associate professor for the scientific-disciplinary sector SECS / P08 (Economics and Business Management) at the Department of Management Innovation Systems - (DISA / MIS) of the University. prof. Rosaria CERRONE, associate professor for the scientific-disciplinary sector SECS / P11 (Economics of Financial Intermediaries) at the Department of Business Sciences Management Innovation Systems - (DISA / MIS) is also appointed co-director of the University course.
The Scientific Committee is made up of the following professors: Rosaria Cerrone (Associate Professor - President of the Scientific Committee), prof. Maria V. Ciasullo (Course Director), Rodolfo Vitolo (Full Professor), Ornella Malandrino (Full Professor), dr. Maria Rosaria Sessa (Head of the integrated management system - Galdieri Petroli spa), Dr. Vincenzo Ferrara (General Manager - Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Scafati e Cetara).


The Faculty is made up of university professors, professionals and experts in the subject.
The course includes 100 hours of didactic activity and is organized into 20 lessons.
The teachings will be imparted through distance learning through the Microsoft Teams platform.
The training activities are organized in 3 didactic modules, programmed as follows:
A final exam is foreseen, consisting of a written test on topics identified and shared by the Director and the co-Director of the Course.
The course will start in May 2021.


At the end of the course, a certificate will be issued on plain paper which may be valid for all uses permitted by law.


Further information can be found on the website of the DISA-MIS Department in the dedicated section: or by writing to